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Junyfore Music started in Seoul Korea in 2004 and currently has 6 branches in Korea and 1 branch in Guam, a U.S Territory.
Junyfore Music is now expanding into the mainland, right next to Silicon Valley. 
Junyoung Park, the founder of the academy, has been a singer since 2001 and is widely known as a vocal trainer.

 We hope that you will enjoy learning various genres of music, performing together
, and growing into great musicians with us at Junyfore Music. 
Thank you.

Founder : Junyoung Park

-Majored in vocal at Seoul Institute of the Art 

-Junyfore 1st album ‘tears in the sky’ 2001

-Junyfore 2nd album ‘ Love you’ 2004

-Kbs,Sbs Drama sound tracks singing and composing 2003-2005

-Marine Police Drummer in 1995-1997

-established 1st Junyfore Music institute in Korea 2004

-established Junyfore Inc Franchise in 2009

-established Junyfore Music Guam in 2014

-established Junyfore Music San Jose in 2022

-Vocal coach for famous K-Pop singers (Jaemo An, SG Wannabe,Eunjin Jeun) 

-taught vocal in Seoul Art College

-taught vocal ensemble in Kyung-Bok university


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