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Lesson subject


Vocal class

- Mainly one-on-one, sometimes also group classes
-At the first class, we will listen to the student's voice and conduct a customized class according to the state of the student's vocal conditions.
For example, if you have a small and thin voice we will provide a curriculum to develop a strong and thick voice. Or, if your voice is too out of breath, which causes your voice to become weaker, we will provide a curriculum to develop a solid voice. If you can't match the pitch, we will help you hit the right notes clearly.

In addition to practicing vocalization and having basic singing lessons, we will practice these teachings by singing songs that vary in difficulty according to the level of the student’s voice.
We will record your voice at least once a month and check how much your voice has changed and developed.



Drum lessons

- Lessons will mainly be one-on-one classes, but sometimes also group classes.
-We will hold beginner lessons such as how to hold a drumstick, stroke lessons using wrist snaps on drum pads, and above all reading the drum sheet music.
-When you are able to read the sheet music and play rhythms to a certain extent, you will learn songs to play during class. 
-We will record your drums through recording equipment to monitor your play and develop it further


(Acoustic, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele)

- Lessons will mainly be one-on-one classes, but sometimes also group classes.
-If you don't have an instrument, you can rent it (but it can only be used inside the school)
-Beginner lessons will start with basic exercises such as using a guitar pick, practicing scales, and learning chords.
-When you have completed some basics, you will start learning easy songs and try to play the song with the teacher.
-We will record your performance using recording equipment to monitor your play and develop it further.


(Classic and Jazz and Chord Accompaniment Classes)

-Only one-on-one classes are available.
-Individual instruction is provided through textbooks that match the level and age of the student.
- You will be able to learn different types of styles such as classical or jazz, or just simply learn chords



-One-on-one and group classes are also available.
-For those that do not have a violin, we will provide a violin for you to use within the school.
-Lessons are taught step by step with textbooks that help develop basic posture, and finger dexterity. 
-Students can play ensembles along with the teacher.
-You can check and listen to your performance by recording with the recording equipment in the academy.



- MIDI is a class where you can make music through a computer program.

-Only one-on-one classes are available.

-MIDI classes include lessons that teach how to use MIDI programs such as Cubase and Logic, as well as general theory lessons on music and mixing. 

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