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I-Rock Children’s Choir

Description ​

We are opening a choir class led by owner Junyoung Park and teacher Michelle! We have prepared a professional choir class that allows for a more systematic way to experience various competitions and performances. With professional vocal trainer Junyoung Park and experienced competitive teacher Michelle, it is safe to say we have one of the most top quality choir program. We ask of our amazing students to join us on our mission to have fun, produce great performances, and win competitions! 

Age ranges. 
Group A: 1st-3rd grade
Group B: 4th-6th grade
Group C: 7th-9th grade
Group D: 10th-12th grade

Jinhee Yun(Dance Director)

Chung-ang University sua Han
Ewha Women University Yanggeun Kim 
Sungui Women's University
(modern dance,Jazz dance)

-Multiple dance creations and choreography.
-Contemporary dance ‘Criticism of modern society’ performance
-Contemporary dance “Freedom” performance
-Choreography and winning prize at Youth Worship Dance Contest
-Obtain physical education teacher certification
-KADF Staff(world class dance workshop)
-Gangnam Sports Park Instructor
-Dato Dance Academy Jazz Dance Instructor
-Samsung Noble County dance instructor
-Samsung Noble County Yoga Instructor
-Chungam Sports Instructor
-Training for Chungam teachers
-Myongji University professors teach yoga
-Samsung Noble County Jazz Dance Performance Choreography
-Incheon Little Art Center dance instructor
-Bucheon Geonwoo Fitness Dance Instructor
-Bucheon Geonwoo Fitness Yoga Instructor
-Donga Sports Yoga Instructor
-Donga Sports Dance Instructor
-Hee Jazz Dance Director
-‘Take on Full Armor’ musical choreography
-Guam Junyfore music Dance Instructor
-Guam Junyfore Music Performance Dance Team Choreography
-Guam dance competition judge
-San Jose Juniper Music 1st performance dance team choreography 
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