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I-Rock Children’s Choir

Description ​

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for your child to join the newest sensational performing group in Silicon Valley, the I-Rock Children’s Choir! Get formal music and choral education from award-winning world-class performing artists. Learn to Sing, Dance, & Perform Make Friends & Build Self-Confidence.  

Register today to reserve a place for your child.  For Elementary, Middle School & High School Students.
Everything from Classical to Broadway Musical, Jazz, K-Pop & Rock most top quality choir program.
Join us in our mission to learn and have fun while becoming  a confident performer.

Group A: 1st-3rd grade
Group B: 4th-6th grade
Group C: 7th-9th grade
Group D: 10th-12th grade


Vocal Director- Junyoung Park

Online,Off-Line Available

-Majored in vocal at Seoul Institute of the Art 

-Junyfore 1st album ‘tears in the sky’ 2001

-Junyfore 2nd album ‘ Love you’ 2004

-Kbs,Sbs Drama sound tracks singing and composing 2003-2005

-Marine Police Drummer in 1995-1997

-established 1st Junyfore Music institute in Korea 2004

-established Junyfore Inc Franchise in 2009

-established Junyfore Music Guam in 2014

-established Junyfore Music San Jose in 2022

-Vocal coach for famous K-Pop singers (Jaemo An, SG Wannabe,Eunjin Jeun) ,가수 이석훈,안재모,위대한 탄생

전은진,너목보 김경호 편 우승자 김건 보컬 트레이닝

-taught vocal in Seoul Art College

-taught vocal ensemble in Kyung-Bok university

-2015 TVN 너의목소리가 보여 휘성편 출연

-2017 너의목소리가 보여 레전드편 출연

-2019 JTBC Sing Again 3호 가수 출연


Music Director-Michelle Lee

Concert Pianist and Professor Michelle Lee is the teacher of over 300 Award-winning pianists and recording artists.
She is a renowned piano teacher known for her exceptional skill in nurturing young talents. With over 35 years of experience as an educator, she is celebrated for her patient and loving teaching approach toward each student. She dedicates herself to helping each student become the best pianist they can be and achieve their full musical potential by empowering them with skills and confidence and instilling a lifelong love for the art of piano playing.
Her students have won over 1,000 awards in international and national piano competitions and received four-year scholarships to prestigious universities and conservatories.
Some of the Grand prize and 1st place awards won by her students include the Chopin Piano Competition, Oberlin International Piano Competition, Seattle International Piano Competition, Los Angeles International Competition, Concert Artist International, California Youth Symphony Young Artist Competition, MTAC Solo Competition, MTAC Concerto Competition, CAPMT Honors Piano Competition, CAPMT Concerto Competition, CAPMT Contemporary Competition, El Camino Youth Symphony Concerto Competition, Golden State Youth Symphony Concerto Competition, Young Musicians Foundation Award, Salzburg International Competition, SYMF Piano Competition, Showcase Concerto and Showcase Solo at the US Open Music Competition, Korea Times Music Competition, KAMSA Concerto Solo Competition, Silicon Valley Young Musicians Competition, Cypress Piano Competition, World Piano Competition, US International Music Competition, USIMC Solo and Concerto Young Artist Award, London International Piano Competition, Vienna International Piano Competition, Paris International Piano Competition, and Beethoven International Piano Competition.
Her students are invited to perform in concert halls all over the world. Recent performances were at New York Carnegie Hall’s Stern Auditorium, Weill Recital Hall, and Lincoln Center, San Francisco Davies Symphony Hall and Herbst Theatre, Vienna Musikvereign Hall, London Royal Albert Hall, Salzburg Mozarteum, Philharmonie de Paris, and Los Angeles Walt Disney Concert Hall.
Michelle Lee is a musical great-granddaughter of Franz Liszt, the greatest pianist in history.
From Franz Liszt to Alexander Siloti to Edith Knox to Michelle Lee, the legendary piano heritage lives on through the students of the Gifted Young Pianist Academy.

Dance Director- Jinhee Yun

Chung-ang University sua Han
Ewha Women University Yanggeun Kim 
Sungui Women's University
(modern dance,Jazz dance)

She worked with renowned K-Pop and Broadcasting Dance Choreographers and Professors and taught students to improve their dance skills through various teaching methods. 

-Multiple dance creations and choreography.
-Dato Dance Academy Diet Dance Instructor 
-Contemporary dance ‘Criticism of modern society’ performance
-Contemporary dance “Freedom” performance
-Choreography and winning prize at Youth Worship Dance Contest
-Obtain physical education teacher certification
-KADF Staff(world class dance workshop)
-Gangnam Sports Park Instructor
-Dato Dance Academy Jazz Dance Instructor
-Samsung Noble County dance instructor
-Samsung Noble County Yoga Instructor
-Chungam Sports Instructor
-Training for Chungam teachers
-Myongji University professors teach yoga
-Samsung Noble County Jazz Dance Performance Choreography
-Incheon Little Art Center dance instructor
-Bucheon Geonwoo Fitness Dance Instructor
-Bucheon Geonwoo Fitness Yoga Instructor
-Donga Sports Yoga Instructor
-Donga Sports Dance Instructor
-Director of Hee Jazz Dance Academy
-Hee Jazz Dance Academy Children’s Dance Instruction
-Hee Jazz Dance Academy Major Class Instruction
-‘Take on Full Armor’ musical choreography
-Guam Sunday School praise and dance instruction
-Guam Junyfore music Dance Instructor
-Guam Junyfore Music Performance Dance Team Choreography
-Guam dance competition judge
-San Jose Juniper Music 1st performance dance team choreography 
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