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Junyfore Music started in Seoul, Korea in 2004 and currently has 6 branches in Korea and 1 branch in Guam, a U.S Territory.
Junyfore Music has now opened In Silicon Valley. 
Junyoung Park, the founder of the academy, has been a singer since 2001 and is a reknowned  vocal trainer.

 We hope that you will enjoy learning various genres of music while performing together
and growing into great musicians at Junyfore Music. 
Thank you.

Founder : Junyoung Park

Majored in vocal at Seoul Institute of the Art 

Junyfore 1st album ‘Tears in the Sky’ 2001

Junyfore 2nd album ‘ Love you’ 2004

Kbs,Sbs Drama sound tracks singing and composing 2003-2005

Marine Police Drummer in 1995-1997

Established 1st Junyfore Music institute in Korea 2004

Established Junyfore Inc Franchise in 2009

Established Junyfore Music Guam in 2014

Established Junyfore Music San Jose in 2022

Vocal coach for famous K-Pop singers (Jaemo An, SG Wannabe,Eunjin Jeun) 

Taught vocal in Seoul Art College

Taught vocal ensemble in Kyung-Bok university


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