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Lesson subject


Vocal Lessons

- Private & Group Lessons
-In first class, we will
assess student's voice and conduct a customized class based on the level of the student's vocal abilities.



Drum Lessons

- Private & Group Lessons
-Beginners will learn how to hold drum sticks, strokes,use wrist snaps on drum pads, and reading the drum sheet music.
-When you are able to read the sheet music and play rhythms, you will learn how to play the songs during class. 
-We will record your drum performance,using  recording equipment to monitor your prograss and help you develop further


(Acoustic, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele)

- Lessons will mainly be one-on-one classes, but sometimes also group classes.
-If you don't have an instrument, you can rent it (but it can only be used inside the school)
-Beginner lessons will start with basic exercises such as using a guitar pick, practicing scales, and learning chords.
-When you have completed some basics, you will start learning easy songs and try to play the song with the teacher.
-We will record your performance using recording equipment to monitor your play and develop it further.


(Classic and Jazz and Chord Accompaniment Classes)

-Only one-on-one classes are available.
-Individual instruction is provided through textbooks that match the level and age of the student.
- You will be able to learn different types of styles such as classical or jazz, or just simply learn chords



-One-on-one and group classes available.
-For those that do not have a violin, we will provide a violin for you to use within the school.
-Students have opportunities to perform in Ensembles.
-You can monitor your progress by recording your performances at the school’s recording studio 



- MIDI is a class where you can make music through a computer program.

-Only one-on-one classes are available.

-MIDI classes include lessons that teach how to use MIDI programs such as Cubase and Logic, as well as general theory lessons on music and mixing. 

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